27 October 2021

Phenotypic and molecular spectra of patients with switch/sucrose nonfermenting complex-related intellectual disability disorders in Korea

Yena Lee, Yunha Choi, Go Hun Seo, Gu-Hwan Kim, Changwon Keum, Yoo-Mi Kim, Hyo-Sang Do, Jeongmin Choi, In Hee Choi, Han-Wook Yoo, Beom Hee Lee - BMC Medical Genomics volume, 2021


The switch/sucrose nonfermenting (SWI/SNF) complex is an adenosine triphosphate-dependent chromatin-remodeling complex associated with the regulation of DNA accessibility. Germline mutations in the components of the SWI/SNF complex are related to human developmental disorders, including the Coffin–Siris syndrome (CSS), Nicolaides–Baraitser syndrome (NCBRS), and nonsyndromic intellectual disability. These disorders are collectively referred to as SWI/SNF complex-related intellectual disability disorders (SSRIDDs).

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