1 June 2018

Transcriptional organization of the region encoding the synthesis of the flagellar filament in Pseudomonas fluorescens

Redondo-Nieto M, Lloret J, Larenas J, Barahona E, Navazo A, Martínez-Granero F, Capdevila S, Rivilla R, Martín M. - Journal of Bacteriology, 2018


Pseudomonas fluorescens F113 is motile by means of type b flagella. Analysis of the region encoding the synthesis of the flagellar filament has shown a transcriptional organization different from that of type a flagella. Additionally to the promoters driving fliCfliD, and fleQ expression, we have found promoters upstream of the flaG gene and the fliST operon. These promoters were functional in vivo. Both promoters have been mapped and appear to be dependent on the vegetative sigma factor and independent of FleQ, the master regulator of flagellum synthesis.

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