Gabriel Ferreras Garrucho

Gabriel Ferreras Garrucho

PHD student

Research group: Cereal symbiosis

Gabriel Ferreras Garrucho


I’m a PhD student in the Cereal Symbiosis Group, working on the spatial (tissular and subcellular) regulation of D14L, an essential receptor for the symbiotic competence of rice. For this purpose, I will be creating, testing and characterizing (on a phenotypical, transcriptomic and proteomic level) a variety of rice lines expressing GFP-tagged D14L under different promoters and localization signals. I am funded by St John’s College with a Benefactor’s Scholarship.

I did my BSc degree in Biochemistry in the University of Seville. During this time I participated in the Amgen Scholars programme, working with Hector Montero and Uta Paszkowski on RLKs in the periarbuscular membrane. I also worked for two years in Seville’s IBVF-CSIC, in the Valverde group, on the relationship between photoperiod and autophagy in Arabidopsis.

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