2 April 2021

Medicago truncatula Yellow Stripe‐Like7 encodes a peptide transporter participating in symbiotic nitrogen fixation.

Castro‐Rodríguez, R., Escudero, V., Reguera, M., Gil-Diez, P., Quintana, J., Prieto, R. I., Kumar, R.K.-, Brear, E., Grillet, L., Wen, J., Mysore, K., Walker, E., Smith, P., Imperial, J., and Gonzalez-Guerrero, M. - Plant Cell and Environmental Biology., 2021


Yellow Stripe-Like (YSL) proteins are a family of plant transporters that are typically involved in transition metal homeostasis. Three of the four YSL clades (I, II and IV) transport metals complexed with the non-proteinogenic amino acid nicotianamine or its derivatives. No such capability has been shown for any member of clade III, but the link between these YSLs and metal homeostasis could be masked by functional redundancy. We studied the role of the clade III YSL protein MtSYL7 in Medicago truncatula nodules. MtYSL7, which encodes a plasma membrane-bound protein, is mainly expressed in the pericycle and cortex cells of the root nodules. Yeast complementation assays revealed that MtSYL7 can transport short peptides. Mtruncatula transposon insertion mutants with decreased expression of MtYSL7 had lower nitrogen fixation rates and showed reduced plant growth whether grown in symbiosis with rhizobia or not. YSL7 mutants accumulated more copper and iron in the nodules, which is likely to result from the increased expression of iron uptake and delivery genes in roots. Taken together, these data suggest that MtYSL7 plays an important role in the transition metal homeostasis of nodules and symbiotic nitrogen fixation.

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