22 January 2024

Structural variation and DNA methylation shape the centromere-proximal meiotic crossover landscape in Arabidopsis

Fernandes, J.B., Naish, M., Lian, Q., Burns, R., Tock, A.J., Rabanal F.A., Wlodzimierz, P., Habring, A., Nicholas, R.E., Weigel, D., Mercier, R. and Henderson, I.R. - Genome Biology, 2024


Centromeres load kinetochore complexes onto chromosomes, which mediate spindle attachment and allow segregation during cell division. Although centromeres perform a conserved cellular function, their underlying DNA sequences are highly divergent within and between species. Despite variability in DNA sequence, centromeres are also universally suppressed for meiotic crossover recombination, across eukaryotes. However, the genetic and epigenetic factors responsible for suppression of centromeric crossovers remain to be completely defined.

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