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Anika Dam

Anika Damm

PhD student
Plant-parasitic interactions

ad2100 [at]

After my BSc in Agricultural Science at the University of Bonn, I finished my MSc in Crop Sciences at the University of Hohenheim. I became interested in plant-parasitic nematodes during my bachelor's thesis, where I investigated the role of glutathione in plant-nematode interactions. Building on these experiences, I did my master's thesis in collaboration with the plant-parasite interactions group and investigated the interaction of a transcriptional master regulator of nematode parasitism with its cognate DNA motif. Following my master's thesis I joined the plant-parasite interactions group, first as a Pre-doc and now as a PhD student, to continue my research on regulators of nematode parasitism.


Hasan, M. S., Chopra, D., Damm, A., Koprivova, A., Kopriva, S., Meyer, A., ... & Siddique, S. (2021). Glutathione contributes to plant defense against parasitic cyst nematodes. bioRxiv.