Lida Derevnina

Lida Derevnina

Head of Crop Pathogen Immunity Group

Research group: Crop pathogen immunity

Lida Derevnina


My research aims to improve our understanding of how pathogens invade plants to cause disease, and how plants perceive and respond to these invading pathogens. My current work focuses on mechanistic investigations of plant NLR immune networks and pathogen effector functions. My ultimate goal is to develop crops with long-lasting resistance to multiple pathogens, alleviating the challenges caused by biotic threats in global food production.



The origin, deployment, and evolution of a plant-parasitic nematode effectorome

Date: 5 January 2024

Contributors: Beth Molloy, Dio S. Shin, Jonathan Long, Clement Pellegrin, Beatrice Senatori, Paulo Vieira, Peter Thorpe, Anika Damm, Mariam Ahmad, Kerry Vermeulen, Lida Derevnina, Siyuan Wei, Alexis Sperling, Estefany Reyes Estévez, Samuel Bruty, Victor Hugo Moura de Souza, Olaf Prosper Kranse, Tom Maier, Thomas Baum, Sebastian Eves-van den Akker

Journal: Biorxiv


The battle within: How pathogen effectors suppress NLR-mediated immunity

Date: 7 August 2023

Contributors: Chih-hang Wu, Lida Derevnina

Journal: Current Opinion in Plant Biology


Resurrection of plant disease resistance proteins via helper NLR bioengineering

Date: 3 May 2023

Contributors: Mauricio P Contreras, Hsuan Pai, Muniyandi Selvaraj, AmirAli Toghani, David M Lawson, Yasin Tumtas, Cian Duggan, Enoch Lok Him Yuen, Clare E M Stevenson, Adeline Harant, Abbas Maqbool, Chih-Hang Wu, Tolga O Bozkurt, Sophien Kamoun, Lida Derevnina

Journal: Science Advances


Sensor NLR immune proteins activate oligomerization of their NRC helpers in response to plant pathogens

Date: 1 March 2023

Contributors: Mauricio P Contreras, Hsuan Pai, Yasin Tumtas, Cian Duggan, Enoch Lok Him Yuen, Angel Vergara Cruces, Jiorgos Kourelis, Hee-Kyung Ahn, Kim-Teng Lee, Chih-Hang Wu, Tolga O Bozkurt, Lida Derevnina, Sophien Kamoun

Journal: The EMBO Journal


Plant pathogens convergently evolved to counteract redundant nodes of an NLR immune receptor network.

Date: 23 August 2021

Contributors: Derevnina L, Contreras MP, Adachi H, Upson J, Vergara Cruces A, Xie R, Skłenar J, Menke FLH, Mugford ST, MacLean D, Ma W, Hogenhout S, Goverse A, Maqbool A, Wu CH, Kamoun S

Journal: PLOS Biology


Intra-strain Elicitation and Suppression of Plant Immunity by Ralstonia solanacearum Type-III Effectors in Nicotiana benthamiana.

Date: 13 July 2020

Contributors: Sang Y, Yu W, Zhuang H, Wei Y, Derevnina L, Yu G, Luo J, Macho AP

Journal: Plant Communications


An N-terminal motif in NLR immune receptors is functionally conserved across distantly related plant species.

Date: 27 November 2019

Contributors: Adachi H, Contreras MP, Harant A, Wu CH, Derevnina L, Sakai T, Duggan C, Moratto E, Bozkurt TO, Maqbool A, Win J, Kamoun S.Elife

Journal: eLife

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