June 2023

Visit us at the Festival of Plants

Crop Science Centre Scientists will be demonstrating the damaging impact of crop pathogens and beneficial impact of crop symbiosis with fungi in the Pop-Up Plant Science Marquee at the Festival of Plants this Saturday.

Festival of Plants

At the mycorrhizal fungi symbiosis stall, there will be a range of activities to engage people of all ages in how this symbiosis could help replace environmentally damaging chemical fertilisers. You will be able to see the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi under a microscope, as well as our “MycoRed” plants, which turn roots red when colonised by mycorrhizal fungi. Additionally, you can play a game on symbiosis to take a home experiment kit.

Crop pests and pathogens threaten global food security. For example, tiny parasitic worms called Nematodes cause over $100 billion of damage to crops every year. The crop pathology stall will host live examinations of creatures infecting plants, as well as offering the opportunity to find out what nematode you are.

Find out more about the Festival of Plants, happening this Saturday, here: https://www.botanic.cam.ac.uk/whats-on/festival-of-plants-2023/

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