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 Natasha Yelina

Natasha Yelina

Head of the Crop Breeding Technologies group
Crop breeding technologies


Prior to joining the Crop Science Centre Natasha worked on the fundamental aspects of plant meiotic recombination, genetics, epigenetics and plant pathology at the Department of Plant Sciences within the University of Cambridge, the Sainsbury laboratory in Norwich and Moscow State University in Russia.


Nucleosomes and DNA methylation shape meiotic DSB frequency in Arabidopsis thaliana transposons and gene regulatory regions.

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 Recombination Rate Heterogeneity within Arabidopsis Disease Resistance Genes.

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 Juxtaposition of heterozygous and homozygous regions causes reciprocal crossover remodelling via interference during Arabidopsis meiosis.

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 High-throughput analysis of meiotic crossover frequency and interference via flow cytometry of fluorescent pollen in Arabidopsis thaliana.

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 Epigenetic remodeling of meiotic crossover frequency in Arabidopsis thaliana DNA methyltransferase mutants.

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 Putative Arabidopsis THO/TREX mRNA export complex is involved in transgene and endogenous siRNA biosynthesis.

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Epigenetic control of meiotic recombination in plants
Natasha Yelina, Patrick Diaz, Christophe Lambing, Ian R Henderson Science China. Life sciences 2015-02-06 pmid:25651968 doi:10.1007/s11427-015-4811-x